The future of Mobile Events Manager…

Hi guys, firstly thank you for using our plugin and supporting us, it’s been absolutely amazing and we’ve been blown away by the support you’ve given us however, it’s with a heavy heart that we’ve come to the decision to close down Mobile Events Manager (MEM). All is not lost though… in February 2022, we acquired the rights to Mobile DJ Manager (MDJM) so we will be developing that instead. Dan and I have been rattling our brains on how we can make it better and we feel that development on one plugin instead of two would be much more beneficial.

The reason we created Mobile Events Manager was because, as some of you already know, MDJM had no development work or support for well over a year. When it was taken over by Deckbooks, a little bit of development came about but then nothing after that hence why Dan and I put in an offer to take it over.

MDJM has been on the market a lot longer than MEM and whilst we feel MEM is further advanced in development, it wouldn’t be fair to Mike (the original author) to close MDJM.

We’re currently in the process of bringing the plugin and extensions up to date (which will take a while) and whilst we do that, you guys can enjoy MEM until we turn it off.

When are you expecting to turn MEM off?
By the end of 2022. We’re going to bring MDJM up to date with MEM, fix some security issues and GUI issues first.

What will happen to all my data on MEM?
We’ve used a migration tool from those that came across from MDJM to MEM and it’s been very successful. We’re going to use that again to reverse back to MDJM.

I’ve bought extensions, will those be affected?
Your license will transfer over to MDJM once you’ve moved over to MDJM. You will also have to reauthenticate with Google for the Google Calendar Extension.

When can I move to MDJM?
We’re hoping from September (gives us chance to get any holidays out the way and peak season out the way)

Will this affect any clients at all?
It shouldn’t do however; we recommend they reset their passwords when they go to login.

I have more questions…
Feel free to message us through the chat portal at the bottom of the page.

We thank you for your continued support and we’re really looking forward to working on MDJM in the future.